Scalability through ECS containers in AWS


RD Post is the largest Private Postal Operator in Spain in terms of coverage and technology. Their operational prowess extends to the delivery of a diverse range of services, including certified letters, online burofaxes, and administrative notifications.


RD Post faced a challenge: its goal was to implement a scalable mechanism to drive business volume. Scalability is critical for rapid growth, enabling RD Post to take advantage of business opportunities. Modernizing its IT infrastructure is essential to achieve scalability and ensure competitiveness and adaptability in the dynamic postal and delivery sector.

Why AWS and Magic Beans?

Having collaborated in the past, RD Post knows Magic Beans well. Their confidence in our experience, adaptability and competence in deploying impactful cloud solutions remains strong. In particular, they find great value in our independent cloud consulting service, considering it a key strength that cements their decision to forge a partnership with us. At Magic Beans, every engagement is reinforced by our trusted expertise and proven track record of success.


The proposed solution revolves around the strategic deployment of RD Post's application through containers, specifically leveraging the AWS ECS (Elastic Container Service) to optimize operational efficiency and scalability.

The solution also includes AWS services such as RDS, Application Load Balancer, VPN, S3, WAF, GuardDuty, CloudTrail, Security Hub and AWS Backup.

Results and Benefits

Flexibility, scalability, cost optimization: RD Post leverages the transformative trio of the cloud, gaining unprecedented flexibility, seamless scalability and intelligent cost optimization. This trifecta ensures agile operations, optimal performance and cost-effectiveness.

Increased performance: With a remarkable 34% increase in application performance, the RD Post user experience reaches new heights, thanks to the increased efficiency provided by the cloud infrastructure.

Increased security and reliability: Cloud adoption fortifies infrastructure security, contributing to an estimated 21% improvement. This not only ensures data protection, but also improves system reliability, fostering confidence in RD Post's operations.

Innovation: A wealth of deployed cloud services becomes the catalyst for RD Post's innovation. This diversity of tools enables the company to continuously innovate, deploy new solutions and stay ahead of the curve to meet changing customer needs. For RD Post, the cloud is a dynamic platform that drives efficiency, security and continuous innovation.

Ready to get started?

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